At Socia, we are on a mission to make your social media experience a more happier and satisfactory one, just like the one in the above picture 👆 See how happy he is looking at his phone?

For real, next time you use social media and feel something is lacking or bothering you, remember us; we've got your back. 😉

We've mentioned 'you' as if we know that you use social media because we got to give the odds. Every one out of three people is on social media at present, and the fact that you are reading this, the odds are that you are one of them. Not judging!

To brief up why we are doing this?

<aside> 😲 In 2020, an average human spent about 2.5 hours using social media every day!


That's 912.5 hours in a year! Half the time we spend working yearly 👏🏽

Now that we know that social media consumes a big chunk of our daily lives, we should at the least be aware of the impact that it is making on us and in the world.

The impact is definitely huge. Huger than Hulk! 😛

Don't angry me!

                        Don't angry me!

And so, here we come. Hi! 👋

We at Socia understand how impactful social media is and that there's a need for a conscious effort to bring out the best of social media. Therefore, we thought of taking up the charge and contribute to making this impact a bigger and better one. ✊

How do we plan to do this?